Joyce is a registered Social Worker who has been in practice for over 30 years. Her early experience was spent working in family and children’s mental health. She worked with victims of trauma and parents and children experiencing issues of abuse, school difficulties, and emotional difficulties.

Joyce taught Social Work Clinical Studies at Ryerson University as well as teaching Family Therapy at the George Hull Centre for Children and Families. She did clinical supervision for students at the University of Toronto, Ryerson, and Jewish Family and Child Service.

Joyce established a private practice in 1992 working with couples, individuals and families. She also worked for Employment Assistance Programs covering a broad area of presenting issues such as employer/employee relationships, crisis around loss or severe health issues, and job loss.

Presently, Joyce’s clinical work focuses on issues such as depression, anxiety, relationship issues (family or job related), family conflict, parent/child conflict, separation and family breakdown. She also works with blended families at all stages, whether while growing up or with adult children.